Roffa Cam Group is a Cambodian-Chinese own business, we provide national and international services through distribution of imported products, and offer import-export and delivery services. We believe in delivering high quality liquor, beverages and topical medicated products using the best transport service.  We not only have our own head office based in Phnom Penh, our warehouses are also based in Phnom Penh. We have different mode of transports ready to deliver our products to the desired locations.  We aim to emerge the fundamental business strategies with the new approach of customer service. 

The company is born from our mother company Chhivtimex Group, which was founded in 1989 by the late Lok Oknha Duong Chhiv and his wife Oknha Chumteav Sat Navy. Lok Oknha Duong Chhiv and his wife Oknha Chumteav Sat Navy is one the first Chinese-Khmer foreigner in Cambodia. And during their time here, they worked hard to build a good foundation for their family through businesses of they own. Our late founder, Lok Oknha Duong Chhiv, was not only a remarkable businessman but he was also an active participant in leading and expanding of the Khmer-Chinese Association in the Kingdom of Cambodia. He was nominated as the Chief of Khmer-Chinese Association for four terms. (20 years). He dedicated his time, physical & mental strength and his effort into building both the company and Khmer-Chinese Association which resulted in economic growth and giving people better lives under his leadership and great vision.

Being the leader of Khmer-Chinese Association in Cambodia and running more than one companies was tough for Lok Oknha Duong Chhiv but he was able to do it with the help from his capable wife and his sons who all work alongside him. Roffa Cam Group has always been under his second son Lok Oknha Duong Tech. He works closely with his dad in managing the company even before it was registered as Limited Company in 1991. With his father's foresight and guidance, Lok Oknha Duong Tech worked hard to turn the company into 2 sections:

     1. CHHIVTIMEX GROUP is the company which develops in Real Estate and Phnom Den Special Economic Zone.

     2. ROFFA CAM GROUP is the company which develops in local and international business and services.


Lok Oknha Duong Tech gave all his effort to grow the company leading us to be in the top 10 distribution company in Cambodia. With about 30 years of being in the import & export business, we promise to continue to bring in good authentic products with good service to all our existing and increasing new customers. We treat it as our highest priority to ensure that authentic products and good services are delivered under Roffa Cam Group.




Our Vision

We take ownership in our commitments to grow the community, as a team, with our partners, and bring the best products and services to our customers in every generation.


Our Mision

Open Communication: To openly share an idea or give feedback.

Respect for All: Everyone is doing their part and no part is too small.

Consistent Growth: Growth in every aspects: Mentally, Spirtually, Emotionally, as an Organization, as a Team.

To Give Back to the Community: By giving back, we remind ourselves to be grateful.


Our Core Values





Customer Delight